Print Management Software

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Whether your business has single or multiple devices, it’s important to monitor your printing activity. PaperCutMF is a print management solution we offer that enables you to see who prints what and to which machines they are sending these documents to. The software is embedded in all your devices and has a cross platform and vendor-neutral approach to technology and device support.

Benefits of PaperCutMF

  • Ability to track all MFD/printers on your network
  • Control and report usage
  • Securely print
  • Recover costs
  • Helps to minimise waste

Minimise Waste and Costs

By having this software in place, it allows you the visibility to see this data and gives you full control of the output. Additionally, it enables your business to eliminate waste and become more environmentally friendly. This is due to it encouraging more responsible behaviour as it makes the user accountable for their print usage when it’s monitored.

Authentication Cards

Authenticication Cards are used by companies to provide access to buildings and offices. These cards can be used to enable access to multifunctional devices and network printers using PaperCut as well. PaperCutMF Readers support all the current and older technology.

Document Solutions

Smart Office Solutions offer electronic document storage solutions. By storing your documents digitally, your work life can become securer, less time consuming and easier to manage. Having your documents stored electronically means you reduce waste, require less space and improve your security levels. Files are then easily searchable and editable which saves time and resources. Additionally, it eliminates the need for external storage facilities and in turn,  saves costs on filing cabinets or offsite warehouses.

Benefits of Electronic Storage

  • Avoids unnecessary costs of offsite units and warehouses
  • Frees up office space
  • Stored documents can be shared and archived
  • Electronic files are easy to back up and recover which makes them secure
  • Quick and easy to search and edit documents which saves time and improves efficiency

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